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Black Mirror (Original Version)

by Mechanical Cabaret



Sincere respect and/or apologies to Charlie Brooker for the title, which I have blatantly borrowed/nicked from his ever so popular, and ever so excellent, TV series en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Mirror , but also to John Dee with his black Obsidian speculum, or 'scrying mirror', en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Dee both of which partly inspired this song. But not entirely.

If Charlie or indeed John Dee have any objections to my misappropriating their respective intellectual properties then I shall alter the title forthwith. But of course they probably won't even notice or care anyway.


So here I am, head down, with a screen in my hand
The Devil's looking glass has spread across the land
They're everywhere, these weapons of mass distraction
Life passes me by and I miss out on all the action

Black Mirror - wasting my time
Black Mirror - society's crime
Black Mirror - destroying my mind
Black Mirror - we can't rewind

Staring, waiting, hoping, for something to happen
Seeking approval for things we've said and done
Like a modern day Stasi, we all spy on each other
As the opinionated snipe and troll your Mother

Black Mirror - distorting our views
Black Mirror - helps spread lies as news
Black Mirror - confound and confuse
Black Mirror - got the techno blues

The Selfie-obsessed
So immaculately dressed
But their lives are a mess
And they couldn't care less
About anyone but themselves

Well nobody here is really paying attention
So the corporations go and steal your pension
And while we're distracted those dirty MPs
Sneak another dodgy law right past our door

Black Mirror - wasting my time
Black Mirror - society's crime
Black Mirror - destroying my mind
Black Mirror - we're falling behind
We can't rewind
It's no pantomime
It's a new paradigm
We can't rewind
We can't rewind


released May 26, 2017
Written by Roi. Recorded and mixed by Mechanical Cabaret in London, May 2017




Mechanical Cabaret London, UK

Electropunksynthpopindustrialexperimentaldisconoise from London

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